June 7th 2014

Another fun night out with the girls. Paula from VT finally got a weekend off so she could come up to see us. We had Lorraine, Dani and I so the whole staff was present! Rebecca sang some Billy Joel songs. One of my favorite artists! Stacy, Lorraine, Dani, Morticia and I got up and did some fun Karaoke tunes too. My wife has started to experiment with some of her ideas for finger nail designs on me. She says it’s easier to work on someone else’s nails.

Our next meeting is June 21. See you there!

Sally Cross

Dani Lorraine and Paula Dani singing Group1 Group2 jRebecca singing Manicure Monster Mash Paula Stacy singing Stacy

About Sally Cross

I am a 50 something bi-gendered New Englander. I work as a male but try to spend much of my free time as a female. I am an activist and try my best to help other trans people deal with there lives.
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