About Us

Becoming Women, our new name, has been in existence for almost 5 years. Our primary mission is to offer a safe, welcoming space for transgendered people to come out in public and get comfortable with themselves. We meet the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month at around 7pm at Panera Bread, 52 March Ave, Manchester, NH. We have a light supper there, talk and get ready for an evening of fun. Around 8:30 we travel up the street to the New Yee Dynasty restaurant. They feature decent chinese food, frozen drinks as well as your usual bar drinks, dancing, and best of all….Karaoke! There you will find us exchanging stories, dancing, taking pictures, and yes….even singing karaoke! Our usual “spot” is toward the back, directly in front of the bar and facing the dance floor and stage. We have been VERY well received at this venue and love interacting with the other patrons!

Come join us in any presentation that makes you feel comfortable.

Sally Cross

Moderator – Becoming Women


  1. mellanie joanne michaels

    If ever I have a chance, would like to meet with you. Have been transgendered now for almost 20 years.

  2. I very long time I ago when I first was coming out and being shy. I started a similar group called Girls Nite Out. That was how I met everybody learned how to do things and just had a great time, The group Morphed into Sisters Manchester. It gives me great pleasures as the theme continues. I like the basic theme But I am looking for friends to hang out but not in bar and not to have sex. I am seeking that fine line between the two. Hang out friends. Be how ever u want to be and not who u r supposed. I am not married and looking to date anyone Lets do thing at places they do not sell alcohol.
    I am 54, Live in my home town, live full time for 10 years now, family, friends and work know who and what I am. I don’t play any silly games. I am just looking for a few friends o get a ice cream, kayak down the merrimack or other ponds. Have a bar b q.

    if any of this sounds interesting just email me.

  3. Hi,
    I stumbled across your website. I’m a vgl 33 y/o living on the west side of manch. I’m interested in getting a opportunity to meet a special lady to develope a friend ship that hopefully blossoms into a relationship. I’m not looking to experiment or for a experience. I know what I want. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks:)

  4. Good evening. Melanie my name is Petra i am a separated spouse because of her medical we are a disable couple and now we live separate live and i want to move on as a trans woman. I live a lone and now wanting to explore living as a trans. woman i am looking for a support group and a safe place to socialize with other trans. if you know of a place i would you to email me. Love Petra

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