July 5th 2014

A quiet evening after the 4th. Just me, Sean Burns and Katrina George.  Sean and I got a heavy workout on the karaoke stage as there weren’t as many singers as usual. The drag show was pretty good this week and I got a few awesome pics. Every night out is a good night! We will be meeting again on Saturday July 19th. Hope to see you there!

Sally Cross

Sally and Sean

Kat Portia Chanel Sally 2 Sally1 Sean Violencia

June 21st 2014

Unfortunately I was not able to get to the meeting tonight. Lorraine was there as usual and after Panera Bread the ladies continued on to Paradym Dance.  Robin, Rachel, and Rebecca all made it out this night and had a great time!

Hope to see you all, next time, July 5th in Manchester,NH!

Sally Cross


June 21 2014

June 7th 2014

Another fun night out with the girls. Paula from VT finally got a weekend off so she could come up to see us. We had Lorraine, Dani and I so the whole staff was present! Rebecca sang some Billy Joel songs. One of my favorite artists! Stacy, Lorraine, Dani, Morticia and I got up and did some fun Karaoke tunes too. My wife has started to experiment with some of her ideas for finger nail designs on me. She says it’s easier to work on someone else’s nails.

Our next meeting is June 21. See you there!

Sally Cross

Dani Lorraine and Paula Dani singing Group1 Group2 jRebecca singing Manicure Monster Mash Paula Stacy singing Stacy

May 17th Outing

Lorraine, Morticia and I met at Panera Bread around 7. Soon after we were pleasantly surprised by Stacy, Kim, Kate, and Jenny! Supper was fun with all the chatter. Then we all headed over to the new Club Paradym. This evening we pretty much took over the whole backbar! We got to talk to Jenny a lot. She is only visiting the area for a short time so Welcome! Danielle Rose cruised in and Rebecca sat in on the group picture. We had many up on the stage for karaoke and then ended the evening with some dancing in the main room. Another great evening with great friends! If you are in the area of Manchester,NH and need a place to get out and express your true self, this is the place.

See you June 7th, same time, same place!

Sally Cross – Becoming Women



Becoming Women @ Club Paradym

Becoming Women @ Club Paradym

sally 2 sally 3 Stacy 2 Stacy The Ladies Lorraine and Kate Morticia and Jenny Morticia and Miss Toni Portia Chanel sally 1 Jenny with Cocktail